As a general rule, psychologists are not available outside of standard business hours. If you are currently in the process of attending for counselling or psychological treatment, please discuss with your psychologist what you should do to care for yourself after-hours, if this seems necessary.

We do not provide an emergency service to individual members of the public with whom we have no prior relationship.

Advice for present clients and members of the public who are at immediate risk

If you are experiencing a serious mental health problem right now, and are feeling at risk of self harm, or are having thoughts of hurting others, and this is an immediate risk, we urge you to make contact with someone appropriate without delay.  Please consult your doctor immediately, go to the emergency section of the closest major hospital, or contact the 24-hour emergency crisis line on 13 1465.

Similarly if you are at immediate serious risk from someone or something else, such as domestic violence, or a drug problem, please contact the police, or the appropriate crisis service.  (You will find telephone numbers for these services in the white pages "Health & Help" section, or telephone directory assistance and ask for a number.)