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Making an appointment is easy. Perhaps the hardest part is deciding to take this important first step!

You can make an appointment at Unley by telephoning, emailing, or completing an on-line request form. Simple! The choice is yours.

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Call 8373 2688 during business hours.

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Please read the important note below about electronic contact with COGNITION.

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Before you get started on the form there's some important information we need to tell you about.

Important note about electronic contact

Emails will only be read within standard business hours and are not monitored constantly.

If your issue is about a serious mental health problem and you are feeling at risk of self harm, or are having thoughts of hurting others, and this is an immediate risk, please stop what you are doing and make contact with someone appropriate right now. Please contact your doctor immediately, go to the emergency section of the closest major hospital, or contact the 24-hour emergency crisis line on 13 1465.

Similarly if your issue is about something that places you at immediate serious risk from someone or something else, such as domestic violence, or a drug problem, please contact the police, or the appropriate crisis service. (You will find telephone numbers for these services in the white pages “Health & Help” section, or telephone directory assistance and ask for a number.)

The next step before completing the on-line form is to tick the box to show that you have read this information.