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Rebecca Lofthouse

Rebecca is registered as a Provisional Psychologist and describes her approach to work as empathic, attentive and sincere. She is practical and down-to-earth and, as such, has purposefully elected to complete her final training as a psychologist through an intern program (aiming to complete mid-2021) rather than solely through an academic route. Having said this, Rebecca currently holds a Bachelor of Health Science Honours (Psychology), from the University of Adelaide and a Bachelor of Applied Science (Psychology), from RMIT University.

Rebecca has a strong interest in mental health and the influence an individual’s experiences have on their psychological wellbeing. This interest has grown exponentially through her diverse professional and personal pursuits. In addition to her 2 days a week at COGNITION (Wednesday and Thursday), Rebecca works as a Provisional Psychologist in a forensic setting where she provides suicide risk assessment and psychological intervention to individuals presenting with complex mental health issues.

Rebecca favours use of evidenced-based intervention strategies and modalities, such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Schema Therapy and trauma-informed practice. She enjoys working collaboratively with individuals and seeks to teach adaptive coping strategies and encourage personal strengths, so that people achieve positive outcomes. In addition, Rebecca has skills in goal-setting, problem solving, identifying and addressing substance misuse and building more effective interpersonal skills. She has experience in developing and facilitating psychological skills groups (e.g., in areas of mental health awareness and suicide and self-harm training).

Prior to working as a Provisional Psychologist, Rebecca held clinician roles in a variety of community-based organisations providing individual and group-based interventions to offender populations for targeted issues (e.g., domestic violence, sex offences). She has also worked as a Telephone Crisis Support Worker with Lifeline and a Support Worker in an organisation focused on addressing drug and alcohol behaviours and associated mental health and social wellbeing issues.

Rebecca’s particular practice interests are:

  • Working with individuals suffering from stress, anxiety, depression and trauma
  • Addressing addictive behaviours through enhancing motivation to change, harm minimisation and relapse prevention strategies
  • Working with people who are struggling to adjust to, or make sense of, recent changes, such as in their employment, interpersonal relationships, or physical health
  • Helping people build more effective interpersonal skills
  • Assisting young adults navigating professional challenges and establishing professional identities