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What can you expect from counselling?

Counselling is a general term used to cover the several processes of interviewing, guiding, and advising, all of which are designed to help individuals, families, or groups, solve problems, address issues and plan for the future.

People come to counselling for many different reasons, but generally because they are experiencing difficulty or discomfort with some aspect of their life. Many find it helpful to talk issues over with a psychologist, who has specific skills to assist in addressing problems or issues. Psychologists are also in the position to be objective about your concerns, as they are not a part of your family, social, or professional network.

There is no magical solution for people’s problems; counselling is hard work and may at times be distressing for the individual. Your psychologist is there to assist and support you. However, the psychologist will expect you to be an active participant in the process. Remember, the more you put in to your counselling sessions the more you will get out of them.