Employee Assistance Programs (EAP)
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Leader coaching and a Tailored Executive Support Program

Leadership coaching and supportSenior leaders struggle with extreme workloads, high expectations of performance, complex staff problems, and sometimes, a lack of people management and organisation skills. Like others, they have personal issues to cope with and may also experience psychological distress. Sadly, these leaders often do not access the routine employee support programs; perhaps being mindful of protecting perceptions about their ability to cope. Senior leaders also do not wish to ‘cross paths’ with their more junior staff, and do not wish to discuss their issues with the same Psychologists who may be seeing the staff they supervise.

COGNITION provides a program specifically for these senior leaders that complements an organisation’s general Employee Assistance Program for other staff. We provide this program for organisations where we are not the Employee Assistance Program provider to ensure clear differentiation of services.

Experienced in providing individual leadership coaching to assist leaders to reach their goals

Our team is also experienced in providing individual leadership coaching, assisting leaders to reach their goals. We tailor specific assistance to those who are younger and in the earlier stages of their career, whilst our more experienced and mature Psychologists focus on provision of assistance to those at senior organisational levels.