Employee Assistance Programs (EAP)
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Life events and transitions

Life is a ‘movable feast’ and we all face significant events and transitions. The COGNITION team is there to help you with these, such as:

  • Female client with a psychologistPlanning for a successful retirement – you prepare financially, why not psychologically?
  • Making the decision to have children.
  • ‘Child-proofing’ your relationship once the children arrive.
  • Assisting parents to develop different relationships with their children once they leave school or home.
  • Coping with the stress of preparing for a wedding, whether you are the bride, groom or parents. Developing confidence to enjoy ‘the big day’ or to undertake tasks such as the delivery of a speech at the reception. Addressing tensions and conflict that arise in accommodating the wishes of friends and family members.
  • Moving your intimate relationship to ‘the next level’, such as deciding whether to move in together.
  • Making the decision to separate. Learning how to live as a single again. Parenting as a single.
  • Moving from child to carer, in addressing the many issues involved in supporting ageing parents and making decisions as to their care.
  • Coping with grief and loss after the passing of a loved one.
  • Assuming the mantle of the ‘family elder’ after the death of parents and/or other senior relatives.