Employee Assistance Programs (EAP)
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Organisations in crisis or addressing trauma. Crisis leadership

Organisations in crisisSadly, no organisation is immune from the potential to experience a crisis or be exposed to a significant traumatic event. Examples of an organisational crisis may include a major fault or error in delivery of a product and service, having legal action taken against it, or experiencing significant adverse public and media scrutiny. Examples of a traumatic event that an organisation and its workforce might experience include single or multiple deaths and/or major injury (e.g., murder, industrial accident, car accident), natural (e.g., fire, flood) or person-made disaster (e.g., bombing).

Training and coaching to assist in crisis leadership

At such times, the organisation is sorely tested, and separate to the direct provision of support to staff, senior leaders will benefit from guidance and support from a Psychologist experienced in working in this field. Leading in a crisis is also different to leading at more settled times and COGNITION is experienced in the provision of training and coaching to assist organisations and individual leaders. These services can be provided to help organisations be proactive, and prepare if there is a foreseeable risk, or as part of a response when such an event occurs.